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6 Wheels Remote Control Stunt Climbing Car 2.4G Toy




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UFO & Company 6 Wheels RC Stunt Car! Experience the adrenaline rush as this 2.4GHz remote control vehicle effortlessly twists, drifts, and conquers any terrain with its remarkable 360-degree spinning and high-speed rotating capabilities. Equipped with mesmerizing spray lights, this climbing car adds an eye-catching spectacle to your playtime adventures.

High-Performance Remote-Controlled Car:

Introducing the ultimate thrill-seeking companion, the 6 Wheels RC Stunt Car 2.4G Gesture Sensing Toy. Get ready to experience an adrenaline-packed adventure like never before with this high-performance remote-controlled car.

Lateral Driving Design:

This stunt car has a unique double sided roll design, fast lateral movement or in situ rotation. 6 wheels drive and transformable body makes the car more flexible and provide strong power torque to move on any terrain easily and stably.

Power & Speed:

The 2.4G wireless remote control provides a reliable and responsive connection, allowing you to navigate the car effortlessly over various obstacles. Whether you're driving through rough terrain, conquering steep inclines, or performing daring flips and spins, this RC stunt car delivers non-stop action and entertainment.

Vibrant Colors and Dynamic Led Lights:

With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the 6 Wheels RC Stunt Car is as visually appealing as it is thrilling to operate. Its vibrant colors and dynamic LED lights create an immersive experience, especially in low-light conditions, turning any space into an exciting racetrack.

Safe and Durable:

Built with safety in mind, this toy car is crafted from durable, non-toxic materials, ensuring long-lasting fun without compromising on your well-being. The anti-collision bumpers provide additional protection during intense stunts, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced RC enthusiasts.

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UFO & Company

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About 30-35mins

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About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

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