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Introducing the 1:32 Scale Diecast Porsche Panamera Metal Model Toys. This stunning diecast model captures the essence of the Porsche Panamera with breathtaking precision, making it a must-have for car aficionados of all ages. with Openable Doors & Light, Music Exclusive Alloy Metal Pull Back Car Collection for Kids.

The 1:32 scale ensures that every curve, contour, and design element is faithfully recreated, authentic and captivating visual experience. this collectible is the openable doors.

Diecast Construction:

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this Porsche Panamera model is made from high-quality diecast metal, ensuring durability and authenticity.

1:32 Scale Replica:

This model is a scaled-down version of the real Porsche Panamera, with a 1:32 scale that captures the essence of the luxury car's design.

Openable Doors:

The model features realistic openable doors, adding an interactive element to playtime and allowing kids to explore the interior of the car.
The angel logo is stored in the hood. Car doors and back cover can be opened. 3 kinds of realistic sound (engine start & horn & alarm sound ) and light. Press the body and pull it back,the car will drive forward.
Working Lights and Music:

Equipped with working LED lights and music, this model car adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement for children as they play.

Pull Back Action:

The pull-back feature allows kids to easily propel the car forward, promoting fine motor skills and providing hours of entertainment.

Suitable For:

Suitable for birthday gifts,Christmas gifts and party decoration,house decoration,cake decoration.

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UFO & Company

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best for birthday gift and Christmas gifts

Product Type

Cars & Race Cars


Pull-back function, Openable doors, Front and rear hoods, Front and rear lights, Simulation sound



Battery Life

Use 3 1.5V ''AG13'' Battery

Main Material



Rolls-Royce Phantom Model

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