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Batman Remote Control Mobile Spray Car




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Product Description

Introducing the Batman Remote Control Mobile Spray High-Speed Racing RC Car Toy for Kids – an exhilarating blend of cutting-edge technology and iconic superhero excitement. This 1:20 scale remote control vehicle is not just a toy; it's a thrilling experience that brings the world of Batman right into the hands of young enthusiasts. Equipped with a powerful remote control, this RC car allows young heroes to take charge and navigate through obstacles with ease.

Realistic Batman Design:

This RC car features an authentic Batman-themed design, complete with iconic logos and colors, making it visually appealing to young Batman fans.

1:20 Scale Replica:

The 1:20 scale provides an accurate representation of the Batmobile, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the world of Batman.

High-Speed Racing:

Equipped with a powerful motor, this RC car is capable of reaching high speeds, adding excitement to racing and playtime.

Remote Control Operation:

The included remote control allows for easy and precise maneuverability, making it suitable for children of various skill levels.

Spray Functionality:

The standout feature of this RC car is its spray function. It can spray a harmless, water-based mist from the rear, adding a dynamic element to the play experience and simulating the Batmobile's exhaust effect.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility:

With its high-performance wheels and sturdy construction, this RC car can be used on a variety of surfaces, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Overall, the Batman Remote Control Mobile Spray High-Speed Racing RC Car Toy offers an immersive and exciting play experience, combining the thrill of high-speed racing with the iconic Batman theme and a unique spray feature, all while ensuring safety and durability for endless hours of fun.

Batman Remote Control Mobile Spray High-Speed Racing Rc Car Toy for Kids, 1:20 Scale Remote Control Vehicle Toys for Kids Boys & Girls

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Product Information


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Package Dimensions (in cm)

28.5 x 14 x 10

Package Weight (in grams)



Remote & App Controlled Vehicles Cars

Car Battery

A 3.7V 800mah Battery

Charging Time

About 30-35mins

Playing Time

About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)



Remote Control Features

Forward-backward, Turn right-left, Rear Smoke Function


Durable and Good-Quality Plastic Materials

Package Included

1 x Rc Car, 1 x Remote control, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Rechargable Battery

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