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Introducing our Exclusive 1:24 Scale Land Range Rover SUV Model Diecast Metal Pullback Toy Car, a meticulously crafted and highly detailed collectible that's perfect for car enthusiasts of all ages. This die-cast car offers a premium combination of exquisite craftsmanship, functionality, and a realistic design, making it a must-have addition to any diecast car collection.

Scale and Materials:

This diecast model replicates the iconic Land Range Rover SUV with an exact 1:24 scale, ensuring that every detail is accurately represented. The car is constructed from high-quality alloy metal, making it sturdy and durable.

Pull-Back Function:

The pull-back feature adds an element of playability to this collectible. Pull it back, release, and watch it zoom forward with impressive speed. This feature not only enhances the entertainment value but also makes it suitable for both collectors and kids.

Realistic Design:

Every aspect of the Land Range Rover SUV is faithfully recreated, from its sleek body shape to its finely detailed interior. The attention to detail extends to the wheels, grille, and other intricate components, giving it an authentic appearance.

Functional Doors and Hoods:

For added realism and interactivity, this die-cast car features doors that can be opened, allowing you to take a peek inside the meticulously designed interior. Additionally, both the front and rear hoods can be opened, revealing the engine bay and trunk compartment.

Illuminating Lights:

The Land Range Rover SUV model is equipped with functioning front and rear lights. Turn them on, and you'll be amazed as they light up, casting a lifelike glow that adds to the car's authenticity.

Simulation Sound:

To elevate the experience, this diecast car comes with a simulation sound feature. As you play with the car, you'll hear engine revving sounds, creating a more immersive and enjoyable playtime.

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Battery Type

USE 3x1.5V"AG13" batteries (not included)

Package Dimensions (in cm)

30 x 16 x 12

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Realistic opening doors, Front and rear hoods that can be opened, Working front and rear lights, Simulation sound for an immersive experience, Exclusive Land Range Rover SUV Model design

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