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F1 Twister Gesture Control Stunt Motion Car 2.4GHZ 360 Degre..More




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Introducing the UFO & Company Remote Control Double Side Stunt Twist Car - Your Ultimate Stunt Motion F1 Twister Car! Get ready for a thrilling and action playtime experience with our Remote Control Double Side Stunt Twist Car. This deformable RC car can move in all directions, do extreme 360-degree whirligig, 4-wheel drive, with 30 meters control distance enables you to play it outdoors with no worry about your cars easily out of your control. Easy Smart Remote Control Designed with 2 remote control modes. The air remote control in the watch makes control more convenient and flexible. You can choose to use the remote controller or the watch according to your own needs.

Dual-Sided Stunt Capability:

This innovative RC car is designed to perform breathtaking stunts on both sides, providing twice the fun and excitement for kids. It can effortlessly flip and roll, keeping children engaged for hours.

Impressive Light Show:

The car features vibrant and dynamic LED lights that create a stunning visual display while driving, making it a captivating spectacle in both daytime and nighttime play.

Immersive Music Effects:

Equipped with a built-in music system, this stunt car can play catchy tunes and sound effects, enhancing the overall play experience. Kids can groove to the beats as they control the car's movements.

360° Rotation Stunts:

The 360-degree rotation capability allows the car to spin in place, perform dazzling spins, and execute amazing stunts, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime.

High-Speed 2.4GHz Remote Control:

The included remote control operates on a 2.4GHz frequency, providing stable and interference-free control of the car from a considerable distance. It ensures responsive handling and precision control for kids of all ages.

4WD for Off-Roading Fun:

With its four-wheel-drive (4WD) system, this RC car is built to tackle various terrains, from smooth pavements to rugged outdoor environments. Kids can take it off-road for adventurous play.

Remote Control Double Side Stunt Twist Car Cool Light Music Effect 360 Rotation Stunt Motion F1 Twister Car, 2.4g Speed RC 4WD Rotation Stunt Car for Kids

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Charging Time

About 30-35mins

Playing Time

About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

Car Battery

3.7V 1200mah

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