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Metal Pull Back Die-cast Car 1:24 Bentley Continental GT Toy..More




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Introducing the exquisite Bentley Continental GT 1:24 Scale Alloy Metal Die-cast Car, a premium collectible for car enthusiasts and toy aficionados alike. Crafted to perfection, this model seamlessly combines intricate details and interactive features to provide an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Scale and Model:

This toy car is an exclusive 1:24 scale replica of the Bentley Continental GT, designed to provide an authentic and detailed representation.

Pull-Back Function:

The pull-back mechanism allows the car to be easily propelled by pulling it back and releasing, providing an exciting and fun play experience.

Realistic Door Operation:

The doors of the toy car can be opened and closed, adding to the realism and play possibilities. This feature allows for easy placement of figurines and action scenarios.

Front and Rear Hood Access:

Both the front and rear hoods of the car can be opened, giving access to the intricate engine and detailed interior for a more immersive play or display experience.

Front and Rear Lights:

The toy car features functioning front and rear lights, which can be activated for a more lifelike and captivating experience, especially in low-light conditions.

Simulation Sound:

With the built-in sound feature, this Bentley Continental GT replica emits engine and driving sounds when in motion, enhancing the play experience and making it more engaging.

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UFO & Company

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Car & Race Cars

Product Type

Die-cast Car




Bentley Continental GT


Alloy Metal

Package Dimensions (in cm)

29 x 16 x 12

Package Weight (in grams)



Pull-back function, Openable doors, Front and rear hoods, Front and rear lights, Simulation sound

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