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Rc Stunt Laser 6wheel Drift Car




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The RC Stunt Car - the remote-controlled excitement! This extraordinary device is not just another toy; it's a high-speed, 360-degree spinning, telescopic rotating, 6-wheeled marvel that's set to revolutionize your RC experience. With its agile 360-degree spinning feature, you'll effortlessly conquer tight corners, execute jaw-dropping spins, and defy gravity with ease. Whether you're racing on smooth surfaces or conquering rugged terrains, this car's performance will leave you in awe.

360 Degree Spinning:

- The RC Stunt Car boasts a remarkable ability to perform jaw-dropping 360-degree spins, providing an exhilarating and dynamic driving experience that will leave onlookers amazed.
- With its powerful motor and high-quality components, this RC car delivers impressive high-speed performance, making it suitable for racing and thrilling maneuvers.

Telescopic Rotating Design:

- Featuring a telescopic rotating design, this RC car can extend and retract its body, allowing it to adapt to various terrains and obstacles with ease. This unique design adds a new dimension to your RC adventures.

6 Wheels Climbing Capability:

- Equipped with six wheels, this RC Stunt Car can conquer a wide range of terrains, including rough surfaces, grass, gravel, and more. It offers excellent climbing ability, ensuring no obstacle is too challenging.
- The included 2.4GHz remote control provides precise and responsive control over the car's movements, allowing you to perform intricate stunts and maneuvers effortlessly.

RC Drift and Laser Stunt Modes:

- Switch between RC drift mode for sideways sliding action and laser stunt mode for an exciting laser light show while performing stunts. These modes add versatility and entertainment to your RC experience.

Spray Stunt Feature:

- The RC car is equipped with a built-in spray feature, creating a visually stunning spectacle as it performs stunts. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement to your RC adventures.
Multi-Directional Movement:
- Experience full control over the car's movement in all directions – forward, backward, left, right, and diagonally. Execute precise and intricate maneuvers with ease.

RC Stunt Car - 360 Degree Spinning High-Speed Telescopic Rotating Remote Control 6 Wheels Climbing RC Toy, RC Drift Laser Stunt Car 2.4G RC Spray Stunt Car Toy for Kids

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Product Information


UFO & Company

Package Weight (in grams)



Remote & App Controlled Vehicles Cars


High-quality ABS plastic for durability

Ideal For


Charging Time

About 30-35mins

Playing Time

About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

Car Battery

1 Lithium Ion batteries required


6-Wheel Drive for versatile terrain climbing


360° rotation capability

Flame Spray

Simulated spray effect

Remote Control Functions

Forward-backward, Rotate to the Right and left, Spray Function, 360-Degree Spinning

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