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Introducing the 2.4 GHz Remote Control Multiple Terrain Water Land Racing Car – the ultimate adventure companion for of all ages! This incredible 4WD Amphibious Monster Truck is not just your ordinary RC car; it's a fully functional Vanguard Toy designed to conquer both land and water with ease, making it the perfect addition to your collection of remote-controlled vehicles.

Versatile Amphibious Design:

This RC racing car is designed to conquer both land and water, thanks to its amphibious capabilities. It can seamlessly transition from tearing up the terrain on land to racing across ponds, puddles, and even swimming pools.

Powerful 4WD System:

Equipped with a robust 4-wheel drive system, this monster truck can handle a wide range of terrains with ease. Whether it's rocky trails, grassy fields, or muddy paths, this car can handle it all.

360° Flipping Action:

The fully functional Vanguard Toy is not just for racing; it's also a stunt master. It can perform impressive 360-degree flips and spins, adding an element of excitement and fun to your RC adventures.

Double-Sided Twist:

This RC stunt car features a double-sided design, allowing it to drive upside down and right-side up. This unique capability adds a thrilling twist to your playtime, enabling you to perform incredible stunts and tricks.

Responsive 2.4 GHz Remote Control:

The included 2.4 GHz remote control provides precise and responsive control over the car, ensuring you can navigate it through challenging obstacles and execute complex maneuvers effortlessly.

Perfect Gift:

The 2.4 GHz Remote Control Multiple Terrain Water Land Racing Car is an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. It combines the thrill of off-roading with the excitement of amphibious action, making it a gift that will be cherished by the recipient.

2.4 GHz Remote Control Multiple Terrain Water Land Racing Car, 4WD Amphibious Monster Truck 360 Flip Fully Functional Vanguard Toy, Double Sided Twist RC Stunt Car Toy for Kids

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UFO & Company

Package Weight (in grams)



Remote & App Controlled Vehicles Cars


Durable and Good-Quality Plastic Materials

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Charging Time

About 30-35mins

Playing Time

About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

Car Battery

3.7V Battery


Remote Control, Fully Functional Vanguard Toy, Double-Sided Twist, Water and Land Racing, Terrain Capability, 360-Degree Flip, LED Light, Suspension System, Waterproof Design

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