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Remote Control 4k HD Foldable E88 Mini Drone with Dual Camer..More




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Product Description

RC E88 Mini Folding Drone Camera with HD Camera, Optical Flow Location, Modular Battery, Visual Remote Control, Dual Lens Switching, 360-degree Flips, Flashing Lights, 720p Live Video, Wifi Drone Flips Bounce Mode, App One Key Headless Mode Functionality

High-Definition Camera:

The built-in HD camera captures sharp and vivid images and videos, allowing you to record your aerial adventures in stunning detail.

Foldable Design:

Its foldable design makes it portable and easy to carry, making it convenient for outdoor adventures and travel.

Live Video Streaming:

The drone supports live video streaming to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, allowing you to see real-time footage from the drone's camera.

Optical Flow Location:

Equipped with optical flow technology, this drone can maintain a stable hover and position even in the absence of GPS, ensuring precise and steady flight.

Visual Remote Control:

The intuitive visual remote control system provides a user-friendly interface for piloting the drone, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

Dual Lens Switching:

This feature enables you to switch between lenses for different photography or videography needs, expanding your creative possibilities.

360-Degree Flips:

Perform impressive aerial stunts with the capability to execute 360-degree flips, adding an element of fun to your flights.

Flashing Lights:

The built-in LED lights not only enhance the drone's visibility during low-light conditions but also add a cool and dynamic visual element to your flights.

720p Live Video:

Enjoy real-time, high-quality video streaming directly to your mobile device, providing a bird's-eye view of your surroundings during flight.

Wi-Fi Drone Flips Bounce Mode:

This Wi-Fi-enabled drone allows you to connect it to your smartphone, enabling interactive features like flips and bounce mode for added entertainment.

App One Key Headless Mode Functionality:

The companion mobile app provides a range of functions, including a one-key headless mode for simplified control, making it easier to fly the drone, especially for beginners.

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Product Information


UFO & Company

Ideal for

Kids & Adults

Image Transmission Distance


Remote Control Distance



Remote & App-Controlled Toys Drones

Battery Type

1800MAh Modular Battery

Camera Resolution

4K HD for aerial photography and video recording


Foldable and portable design

Live Video

720p live video FPV (First Person View) experience


Enjoy exciting flips and bounces mode

One Key Headless Mode

Simplified flight control for beginners

Additional Features

360-degree flips and rolls, LED lights

Flight Performance

Powerful brushless motors for stable and responsive flight, Altitude hold feature for steady hovering at a specified height, 6-axis gyro stabilization for smooth flights and reduced drift.

Flight Features

WiFi connectivity for real-time FPV streaming to a smartphone or tablet, One-key takeoff and landing for easy operation, Bounce mode for fun and dynamic flight maneuvers., Headless mode for simplified orientation control, especially useful for beginners.

Package Dimensions (in cm)

22.5 x 6 x 16.5

Package Weight (in grams)


Video Capture Resolution

1080p, 4K

Connectivity Technology

‎USB, WiFi

Charging Mode

USB charging cable

Lens Angle

Adjustment, 0-90 degrees

Remote Battery

3xAA Battery (NOT Included)

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