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Remote Control Bugatti 1:16 Scale Drift Spray Car




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Product Description

Introducing the UFO & Company Ultimate Spray RC Remote Control Car, a cutting-edge marvel of engineering and design that will take your remote-controlled car experience to a whole level of excitement and realism. This rechargeable, high-speed wonder is packed with a multitude of features that will leave you awe-inspired and ready to hit the road for endless hours of thrilling fun.

2.4 GHz Remote Control:

The car should come with a 2.4 GHz remote control, ensuring a strong and stable connection between the car and the controller, minimizing interference, and maximizing control range.

Smoke Effect:

Experience an added level of realism with the built-in smoke effect, which emits non-toxic smoke from the car's exhaust pipes, enhancing the overall visual appeal and creating an exciting atmosphere.

Realistic Design:

Crafted from durable and good-quality materials, this RC car boasts a realistic and detailed design that mirrors a high-performance sports car. Its sleek appearance will impress both kids and adults alike.

1:16 Scale:

The car boasts a realistic 1:16 scale model, providing an immersive and lifelike experience as you navigate through various terrains and obstacles.

Multi-Directional Movement:

Enjoy full control over the car's movements with its ability to move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and perform 360-degree spins, giving you complete freedom to explore different driving styles.

Simulation Drift:

Impress your friends with realistic drifting maneuvers as the car's design enables it to perform smooth and controlled drifts, mimicking the thrilling techniques used by professional drivers.

Ultimate Spray RC Remote Control Car - Rechargeable, High Speed, 2.4 GHz, 1:16 Scale, Multi-Directional Movement, Simulation Drift, Smoke Car Toys for Kids

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Product Information


UFO & Company

Package Weight (in grams)



Remote & App Controlled Vehicles Cars


Durable and Good-Quality Materials

Ideal For


Charging Time

About 30-35mins

Playing Time

About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

Car Battery

1 x 3.7V ''AA'' Battery (not included)



Car Features

Spray, Drift, Forward, Backward, Turn Left and Right, Built-in LED lights

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