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Introducing the UFO & Company Ultimate Innovation in Remote Control Cars, Wall Climbing Stunt Cars! Unleash the excitement and watch your kids' imaginations soar with our cutting-edge Wall Climbing Stunt RC Cars. These innovative and adrenaline-pumping vehicles combine the thrill of high-speed racing with gravity-defying stunts, providing hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. Equipped with a user-friendly infrared remote controller, our Wall Climbing Stunt Cars offer complete control over speed and direction. Move in all directions - left, right, forward, and reverse - and perform jaw-dropping 360-degree spins while moving both forward and backward.

Innovative Design:

This remote control car features an innovative design that allows it to climb and run steadily on any flat surface, including walls, floors, and closets. The vacuum system principle enables it to perform gravity-defying stunts, making it an exciting and engaging toy for kids.

360-Degree Rotating Stunts:

Watch in awe as this stunt wall climbing RC car performs impressive 360-degree spinning tricks both clockwise and counterclockwise when moving forward and backward. It adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime, providing endless fun for children.

Wireless Remote Control:

Equipped with a 2.4GHz infrared remote controller, this car allows for full control of its speed and direction.

Intelligent LED Lights:

The RC car comes with intelligent LED lights that automatically switch based on your driving. When moving forward, the two front headlights will illuminate, and when drawing back, the rear lights will shine, adding a cool visual effect and enhancing the overall experience.

Dual Mode:

This air remote control car boasts two modes accessible through a real switch – WALL mode and FLOOR mode. In WALL mode, the vacuum system enables the car to defy gravity and drive on walls and ceilings.

Innovative Design Stunt Wall Climbing Rc Cars, 2.4GHz Remote Control 360 Degree Rotating Vehicle Car Toy with Light, Rechargeable High Speed Stunt Car for Kids

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Remote & App Controlled Vehicles Cars


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Charging Time

About 30-35mins

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About 40-50mins (depends on functionality)

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‎1 Lithium Ion batteries

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